MLT – Medical Laboratory Technology (4 Years)


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Medical Laboratory Technology

This program covers the knowledge about all the chemicaltests and reactions that are done in the laboratory. These diagnostic tests aredone on the blood and body fluids in the clinical laboratories. The purpose ofthis technology is to determine the deficiency or disease from which a personis suffering. Students are also taught to interpret the results of thelaboratory test. Besides this, students are also trained to perform testsaccurately without any human error or environmental involvement. Medical laboratory technicians will be able to identifymicroorganisms, blood-clotting problems, and indicators in body fluids, andblood. Furthermore, they can cross-match donor and recipient blood before doingtransfusions.

Role in Health Sector

Medical laboratory technicians can work in the following sectors:

•Clinical laboratories and diagnostics.

•Pharmaceutical companies.

•Researcher in research institutes.

•Investigator in forensic laboratories.

•Laboratory consultants in blood donor centers.

•Technician in the food industry.

•Cytogenetic technician.

Why You Should Choose this Program

•This is a perfect profession for you if you love both medical science and technology. 

•Your accurate work can help doctors in deciding the right treatment for patients.

•You can have financial stability.

•You should choose this if you don’t like to interact with patients directly but have an interest in the medical field.

•You should choose this if you want to become a criminal investigator as you can join in Forensic Team.

•You can become a scientist by discovering new properties of viruses, bacteria, etc.


•Parasitology and Microbiology.



•Cytotechnology and Histotechnology.


Basic Cell Biology.

•Human Anatomy.

•Basic Biochemistry.


•Introduction to Computer.

•Pakistan Studies.

•Inorganic and Organic Chemistry.

•Human Physiology.

•Mathematics for Sciences.

•Basic Virology.

•Medical Bacteriology.

•Basic Immunology.

•HIV, AIDS, and Retrovirology.


•Clinical Pharmacology.

•Genetic Disorders.

•Clinical Chemistry.


•Clinical Virology.

•Clinical Bacteriology and Immunology.


•Fundamentals of Forensic Science.

•Laboratory Management.

•Food and Water Microbiology.

•Clinical Laboratory Informatics.

•Forensic Pathology and Odontology.

•Basic Research Methodology.

Eligibility Criteria:

1.Fsc (Pre-Medical) with minimum 60% marks as per HEC criteria. 

2.Must be having Punjab Domicile.

3.Age Limit: 25 Years at the closing date of admission by the university.