OTT – Operation Theater Technology (4 years)


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Operation Theater Technology

This is a very critical technical profession in which students gain knowledge to join the operation unit team. They work alongside Surgeons, Anesthesiologists, and Nurses to make sure that everything goes safely in the operation theatre. These technicians are fully prepared to manage surgical instruments and drugs used in surgery. They are also skilled to use ventilators, defibrillators, ECG monitors, and other theater equipment. Their responsibilities include controlling infection chances, assisting the team, and monitoring the standards. Besides, the Surgeon’s capability for the success of the operations is dependent on the operation theatre technicians too.

Role in Health Sector

Operation theater technicians have a very responsible role in healthcare. No operation can be done without their assistance. They can work in given areas of the hospital: 

•Hospitals’ emergency wards.

•Operation theatres.

•Intensive care units.

Why You Should Choose this Program

•You should choose this field if you want to work in critical conditions in hospitals.

•You can fulfill your dream of saving people by choosing this profession.

•If you are good at handling stress then this is your field.

•You can easily get a job abroad by pursuing this profession.

•You can excel more in the field by doing specialization.

•It is a respectable profession that can take the patient out of the death bed.


You can do specialization to get the following designations:

•Audio metrist.

•Scrub Technicians.

•Surgical Technicians.

•Biomedical Engineer.

•Health technician manager.

•Laboratory manager.

•Medical assistant.


General Anatomy.


•Introduction to the computer.

•Pakistan Studies.

•Introduction to Physiology.

•Systemic Pathology.

•Introduction to Anesthesia and Techniques.

•Fundamentals of Emergency Medical care.

•General pharmacology.

•Pharmacology for Surgical Technologist.

•Medical Microbiology.

•Anesthesia Equipment.

•Advanced Anatomy.

•General Surgery.

•General Medicine.

•Infection Control.

•Patient Care.

•Medical-Surgical Skills.

•Operating Room Design and Environment.

•Genitourinary Surgeries.

•Diagnostic Radiology.

•Ophthalmic Surgery.

•Orthopedic Surgery.

•Pediatric Surgeries.

•Pharmacology of  Surgical  Technologist.

Eligibility Criteria:

1.Fsc (Pre-Medical) with minimum 60% marks as per HEC criteria. 

2.Must be having Punjab Domicile.

3.Age Limit: 25 Years at the closing date of admission by the university.