Dispenser (2 Years)


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Medical dispensers have a chief role in assisting physicians or pharmacists in patient care. This diploma instructs the students to understand the fundamentals of pharmacy, drug interactions, and drug contradictions. Mainly throughout studies students will be able to grasp significant knowledge about drugs. They are expected to use the understanding of the drug while giving the prescribed medicine to the patients. This diploma is authorized by Punjab Medical Faculty and is high in demand. 

Role in Health Sector

•A medical Dispenser can work as a:

•Medicine storekeeper in pharmacy warehouse.

•Home service provider for administration of injections.

•Record keeper of patients' medications.

Why You Should Choose this Program

•You should choose this diploma if you are not able to earn a degree and want to step into a professional field.

•Keenness for learning about medicines is a prerequisite for choosing this program.

•This diploma has multiple jobs in private or government hospitals.

Specialization/Further Studies Options: 

This diploma can pave the way to reaching the pinnacle of success. Since Punjab Medical Faculty will be soon declaring this diploma equivalent to FSC. Previously only Federal Board Islamabad was practicing this equivalence rule. But now students of Punjab can get benefitted too. As you can excel in professional life by getting a bachelor’s degree relevant to your diploma only.



•Basics of the human body.

•Medical record keeping.

•Hygiene protocols.

•Knowledge of clinical appliances.

•Practical practice.

Eligibility Criteria:

Minimum 45% marks in Matriculation (Science) & 45% in Science Subjects combined (Biology, Physics, Chemistry)


This diploma is of 2 years and is approved by Punjab Medical Faculty.