Medical Laboratory Technician (2 Years)


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Medical Laboratory Technician

This is a very critical technical profession in which students gain knowledge to join the operation unit team. They work alongside Surgeons, Anesthesiologists, and Nurses to make sure that everything goes safely in the operation theatre. These technicians are fully prepared to manage surgical instruments and drugs used in surgery. They are also skilled to use ventilators, defibrillators, ECG monitors, and other theater equipment. Their responsibilities include controlling infection chances, assisting the team, and monitoring the standards. Besides, the Surgeon’s capability for the success of the operations is dependent on the operation theatre technicians too.

Role in Health Sector

Lab Technicians can find work in:

•Diagnostic labs.

•Public and Private Hospitals.

•Blood bank.

•Biomedical research lab.

Why You Should Choose this Program

•You should choose this program if you are very responsible and a deep observer since handling samples needs utmost attention and diligence.

•This diploma covers a vast Medical science field as you will be dealing with patients, technology, and science.


•Essentials of Medical Laboratory Technology

•Interaction with Patients, Sample Collection

•Labeling and Processing of Specimens

•Equipment and Instrumentation

•Reporting and Record Keeping

•Safety Precautions

•Quality Assurance

•Practical Attachment

•Chemical Pathology

•Histopathology & Cytopathology


•Hematology & Blood Banking

Eligibility Criteria:

Minimum 45% marks in Matriculation (Science) & 45% in Science Subjects combined (Biology, Physics, Chemistry)


This diploma is for 2 years and is authorized by Punjab Medical Faculty.

Specialization/Further Studies options:

This diploma can pave the way to reaching the pinnacle of success. Since Punjab Medical Faculty is soon going to declare this diploma equivalent to FSC. Previously only Federal Board Islamabad was practicing this equivalence rule. But now students of Punjab can get benefitted too. As you can excel in professional life by getting a 4 years degree relevant to your diploma. Furthermore, you can get BS-Degree in Medical Laboratory Technology. After that, you can also go for post-graduation/MPhill/MS and Ph.D.