Radiography and Imaging Technician (2 Years)


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Radiography and Imaging Technician

An accurate disease diagnosis is crucial for deciding treatment regimens for patients. In this regard, advanced machinery and techniques are employed. Ultrasounds, radiography and are one of those techniques. Human vigilance is needed to operate these medical machines. Radiography and imaging technicians perform this task and assist Clinical radiologists in detecting medical anomalies. 

DYIMS is offering a two-year diploma program to become an expert technician. Students will learn the anatomy, physiology, and pathology of the human body. So they can interpret X–rays, CT scans, and MRI efficiently.

Role in Health Sector

Radiology and medical imaging technologists can work in:

•Diagnostic laboratories.

•Private and public hospitals.

•Outdoor patient health centers.

Why You Should Choose this Program

•You should choose this diploma if you loved physics as a subject. Because your studies will be relevant to the rays and their application in the medical field.

•Employment prospects are expanding for Radiography technologists.

•You won’t have to spend years getting a degree and you can start your career early.


•Basics of diagnostic radiology.

•Radiological anatomy.

•General, radiation, and health physics.

•Application of diagnostic radiology.

•Imaging equipment, accessories, maintenance, and quality assurance.

•Radiographic techniques.

•Radiography procedures. 

Eligibility Criteria:

Minimum 45% marks in Matriculation (Science) & 45% in Science Subjects combined (Biology, Physics, Chemistry)


This diploma is of 2 years and is approved by Punjab Medical Faculty.

Specialization/Further Studies Options:

This diploma can pave the way to reaching the pinnacle of success. Since Punjab Medical Faculty is soon going to declare this diploma equivalent to FSC. Previously only Federal Board Islamabad was practicing this equivalence rule. But now students of Punjab can get benefitted too. As you can excel in professional life by getting a 4 years degree relevant to your diploma only. Furthermore, you can get BS-Degree in Radiology and Imaging Technology. After that, you can also go for post-graduation/MPhill/MS and Ph.D.