CMW - Community Midwife (2 Years)


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CMW - Community Midwife

Medical science is a very diverse field and includes multiple roles for people. Each role is respected and appreciated by society. Likewise, Community midwifery is valued by the community. This two-year diploma coaches women to lead the delivery of pregnant ladies under their supervision. The course outline also introduces students to maternal health and childcare knowledge. This program is initiated by the Government of Pakistan under the umbrella of the maternal neonatal and child health (MNCH) program. After completion of the diploma, the CMVs can efficiently guide pregnant women throughout their maternal cycle and can provide them with awareness of breastfeeding and safe infant handling. CMVs are taught to handle delivery while ensuring all infection control protocols.

Role in Health Sector

•Home service for labor.

•Maternal health care educator.

•Family planning educator.

•Childcare educator.

•Prenatal care provider.

•Postnatal care provider.

Why You Should Choose this Program

•If you are not able to enroll yourself in intermediate and want to step into professional life early then this diploma is for you.

•You can get professional recognition in the community and can earn money easily by serving people.

•You can fulfill your dream of attaching to medicine by adopting this profession.


•Maternal health.

•Basic anatomy and physiology.

•Pregnancy and its complications.

•Labor and childbirth.

•Newborn and infant health.

•Puerperium and post-natal care.

•Professional practice.

Eligibility Criteria:

•Only for Female

•Matric (either Art or Science) with 40% marks.

•Age Limit: 14-40 years.


It is a two-year program and is affiliated with Pakistan Nursing Council and Punjab Nursing Examination Board.


•CMVs can further do a bachelor's in midwifery.