Post Basic Specialization in Trauma and Emergency


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Post Specialization in Trauma and Emergency:

This program is designed to foster the professional and critical thinking capabilities of nurses. An emergency ward requires a swift response of nurses at the arrival of an injured patient. This includes quick decision-making and clinical expertise so they can start the treatment of the patients without any delay. In this program, students are evaluated for their critical thinking, communication, evidence-based practice, and technical knowledge. They are also trained to perform required emergency procedures on patients.

Role in Health Sector

•Nurse specialist in the emergency ward.

•Trauma and burn centers.

•Private and public hospitals.

Why You Should Choose this Program

•You should this diploma to become a Registered nurse specialist.

•You can boost your confidence in working with critical patients by getting this diploma.

•You can receive better job prospects by doing post-specialization. 



•Health Assessment 


•Orientation to Accident and Emergency care

•Nursing Research & Biostatistics

•Accident and emergency care nursing 



•Nursing Leadership & Management


•Clinical Findings & its Interpretation

Eligibility Criteria:

•Diploma in General Nursing with a minimum of 50%. 

•Diploma in Midwifery (Females only) with a minimum of 50%.

•BS-CN degree with a 2.5 GPA.


This diploma program is for 1 year and is affiliated with the Pakistan Nursing Council.