Post Basic Specialization in CCU


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Post Specialization in Critical Care Unit

Ingenious and skilled health care workers are required to monitor the vitals and recovery of patients. Nurses are offered post-specialization to address the special needs of critical patients. Patients with severe burns, heart attack, kidney failure, respiratory failure, sepsis, and stroke are admitted to critical care units. In this program, nurses are taught to insert, catheters, flexible tubes, intravenous tubes, feeding tubes, and tracheostomy tubes. They also attach machines for monitoring vitals and administering oxygen. 

Role in Health Sector

•Administrator of nutrition support.

•Critical care units.

•Operation suites.

Why You Should Choose this Program

•This post specialization has scope at the national and international levels.

•You can professionally groom yourself and can secure a better post in hospital settings.


•Course Description

•Course Objectives

•Advance Concept Nursing

•Health Assessment


•Introduction to Nursing Leadership and Management

•Introduction to Research and Biostatistics



•Critical Care Nursing



Eligibility Criteria:

•Diploma in General Nursing with a minimum of 50%. 

•Diploma in Midwifery (Females only) with a minimum of 50%.

•BS-CN degree with a 2.5 GPA.


This diploma program is for 1 year and is affiliated with the Pakistan Nursing Council.