B-Category Pharmacy technician (2 Years)


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B-Category Pharmacy Technician

B-Category Pharmacy Technicians are skilled professionals who can assist pharmacists and can work also work independently in pharmacies. They can guide clients about the pros and cons of medicines. In this diploma, students will learn the mechanism of action of medicines, their contradictions, and side effects. Students will also be instilled with interpersonal skills that include communicating with pharmacists about the supplies, medication required, and stock of surgical items. 

Role in Health Sector

B-Category Pharmacy Technicians can work in:

•Pharmaceutical industries.

•Medical stores.

•Hospital’s dispensary.

•Herbal and homeopathic pharmaceuticals

Why You Should Choose this Program

•You should choose this profession if you have an interest in learning about medicines.

•B-Category Pharmacy Technicians are required at every medical store and hospital dispensary.

•You can step into a professional field without getting a bachelor’s degree.






•Pharmaceutics I-III.

•Biochemistry and microbiology.


•Social behavior, law, and ethics.



Eligibility Criteria:

Minimum 45% marks in matric with science subjects.


This diploma is for 2 years and is affiliated with the Pharmacy Council of Pakistan.