DPT – Doctor of Physical Therapy (5 Years)


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Doctor of Phisotherapy 

This allied health science program is very important for the rehabilitation of disabled patients who have lost their power of mobility by any injury or disease. This profession is aimed at improving the lives of those people. Physiotherapists are also qualified to treat patients who went through any surgery or bone fracture. Students are taught to restore the activity of muscles and joints. They use manual therapy, exercise, electrotherapy, cryotherapy, heat therapy, and Kinesio taping. This therapy helps the patient to make movements again easily without any pain or the use of support equipment.

Role in Health Sector

Qualified physiotherapists are highly appreciated for their and can work alongside Doctors. They can work as a Clinician in different wards of the Hospital including:

•Intensive care unit.



•Musculoskeletal OPDs.

•Neurological department. 

Why You Should Choose this Program

•It is a necessary field; without it the recovery of patients is impossible.

•It is a highly paid and respected profession.

•Your help can make people walk on their feet again and can perform work with their own hands.

•You can open your clinic for treating people.

•You can earn by providing home services too.

•You can join the sports institution and can look after the athletes.





•Introduction to the Computer.

•Pakistan Studies.

•Biomechanics and Ergonomics.

•Physical agents and Electrotherapy.

•Therapeutic Exercises.

•Neurological Physical Therapy.

•Medical Physics.


•Radiology and Diagnostic Imaging.

•Prosthetics and Orthotics.

•Cardiopulmonary Physiotherapy.

•Integumentary Physical Therapy.


•Community Medicine and Rehabilitation.

Eligibility Criteria:

1.Fsc (Pre-Medical) with minimum 60% marks as per HEC criteria. 

2.Must be having Punjab Domicile.

3.Age Limit: 25 Years at the closing date of admission by the university


•Wound Management.