Qadir Ali Hospital

  1. Qadir Ali Hospital became functional as an eight-bed hospital in 2008, intending to provide general surgery services to the region's lower middle class who had scant good options.
  2. With the vigorous efforts and sweat of the passionate healthcare staff, the hospital upgraded to 60 beds.
  3. This milestone was aced in 12 years.
  4. This hospital is based on a 3-story building that is located on Main Kutchery Road, Layyah.
  5. The hospital is offering inpatient and outpatient services. Also addressing
    1. Maternity
    2. Gynecology
    3. General & Laparoscopic Surgery
    4. Chest Medicine
    5. Internal Medicine Urology
    6. Gastroenterology
    7. Orthopedics
    8. ENT
    9. Neurosurgery
    10. Ophthalmology
    11. Neurology
    12. Psychiatry
    13. Cardiology & Dermatology