Assessment and Engagement

Assessment is a process through which an institution, department, or individual matches its performance with the set goals and objectives. DYIMS currently carries out assessments for its various schools and programs and this process has expanded to include the assessment of various departments, courses, and faculty. The learning outcomes of these assessments are essential to inform and improve teaching processes and student learning.

A continuous focus on quality enhancements is the key to a meaningful educational experience. Now, more than ever, this has become an important indicator of quality due to higher education trends, challenges, and paradigm shifts. Quality can only be measured through the comprehensive and inclusive engagement of all stakeholders throughout the development, implementation, and analysis process. QEC conducts periodic surveys via a three-tier program to receive feedback from stakeholders including students, future alumni, administrators, faculty, parents, and employees.

The goal is to capture information from a variety of different sources and amalgamate the results holistically to manage and improve quality standards.